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Friday, June 16, 2006

The Pendragon Series

In The Merchant of Death Bobby Pendragon felt like a normal 14-year-old boy. He was a natural at sports, loved his family and got along great with his Uncle Press. Until one day when his life abruptly changed. Bobby learned that his Uncle was a traveler, able to ride a magical flume between the Territories (other worlds, perhaps alternate Earths). Bobby soon finds himself in the middle of a civil war in a world called Denduron where he, and other travelers from different worlds must come together despite their differences to stop Saint Dane, a traveler with an evil agenda.

The Pendragon Series are a great read from author D.J. McHale. To date, there are 7 books in the series, and I have a feeling there will be 10 once the series is finished (one for each Territory). If you enjoy a mystery, love Sci-Fi/Fantasy these books are sure to please. They are well written and move along at quick pace. However, I recommend reading them in order, because many things happen in each novel to the characters and it would be easy to get lost.

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Ashley said...

Sounds like that book might be fun. :)