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Saturday, July 08, 2006

"Julie and Romeo" by Jeanne Ray

Julie and Romeo are both florists, though rivals for many years without really knowing why. The rivalry was so intense, that when their children were teenagers, Julie and Romeo respectively sabotaged their budding relationship. But now that they are in their sixties, Julie is divorced and Romeo a widower. When they meet at a seminar, they immediately hit it off and want to begin to date. When their grown children discover their secret relationship, they go to hilarious lengths to get them apart.

Obviously, and lovingly, based on Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", Jeanne Ray provides a fun and entertaining read with a much happier ending. This book will leave you wanting more (there is a sequel I haven't read called "Julie and Romeo Get Lucky"), and all the talk of flowers will leave you wishing you owned your own florist shop. But, seeing how most of us don't, you can buy flowers at a great deal from They offer excellent quality and a quick delivery time.

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