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Thursday, September 21, 2006

"In the Garden" Trilogy: Nora Roberts

The "In the Garden" trilogy was a really good set by Nora Roberts. As with most of her books (especially if you've read pretty much all of them like I have) the pairings are easy to spot, but of course, the fun is in getting there. The first book, "Blue Dahlia" is about Stella Rothchild who suddenly finds herself a widow with two young boys to care for. She packs up and moves to back to Tennessee, where she takes a job managing a nursery called In the Garden. The shops owner, Roz, and older woman with a couple of handsome grown sons, invites Stella and her boys to live with her until they get on their feet. Harper House, however is rumored to be haunted...but this rumor is true. As Stella begins to find her place and start a new life (one that will include having to figure out how to deal with Roz's son Logan) they realize that there is a deep mystery revolving around the Harper House ghost. The story good, and the three lead females, Stella, Roz and Hayley (a distant cousin who comes to Roz after being spurned by the rest of the family) are each a joy to read and watch grow. I'd definitely recommend the trilogy as a great read.

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