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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Quillan Games: D.J. MacHale

"The Quillan Games" is the seventh installment in the Pendragon series. It has been three years since Bobby first followed his Uncle Press into the flume that connects the territories of Halla (our Earth being one of them). Press is gone and other travellers have lost their lives in the battle against Saint Dane, another traveller who has turned (or perhaps always was) evil. Bobby's latest adventure brings him to Quillan, where one corporation rules everything and games are played to the death. He finds himself accidentally assuming the role of "Challenger Red" and is trapped into competing in deadly games that the residents of Quillan will bet almost anything in hopes of better their lives (including their own lives and the lives of their children). Bobby soon realizes that the only way to save Quillan is to compete and beat the gaming masters, Veego and Laberge. But he might just find out more than he wanted to know about the travellers and their purpose than he wanted to know.

I think, by far, this was the best installment of Pendragon (though book 6 was really good too). I've enjoyed them all, but this one had a lot of action and the growth in the main characters Bobby, Courtney and Mark is evident. I'd definitely recommend this as a great read and can't wait for the final installments of the Pendragon series.

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