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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"Close Kin" by Clare Dunkle

"Close Kin" is the second in a series called "The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy" which features the story of Kate and the Goblin King who married her. The first was a delightful read, and while I enjoyed this sequel, it does't feature too much of Kate and Marak (the Goblin King) so that was a little disappointing. But, nevertheless, it is a good story and certainly enjoyable.

The sequel takes place several years and finds Kate and Marak happily married. Her younger sister Emily, now 18, also lives with the Goblins underground, and has taken a real liking to the Goblin kingdom and Marak couldn't be happier. Emily is still best friends with Seylin, a shapeshifting half-elf who's fallen in love with Emily, though goes about declaring himself in a most awkward way. Emily thinks he's joking and spurns him, sending an angry Seylin off to find his elven kin who prove to be nothing like he imagined. When Emily realizes what happened, and her feelings for Seylin, she goes off on a quest to bring him back to the goblin kingdom.

I'd definitely recommend "Close Kin" as another great read.

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