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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Black Tea Experiments- Ray Atkinson

Ever heard of an “airplane novel”? I hadn’t either until I was approached about this unique concept. Author Ray Atkinson has written the novel “The Black Tea Experiments” to read like a movie- short compact and to the point, yet highly entertaining. It logs in at just 150 pages- long enough to flesh out a plot and create engaging characters, but not too long where you couldn’t finish it on a few-hour flight.

Logan Bauer is an intelligent college student with a beautiful girlfriend, Tia, who suddenly finds himself in the middle of a 25 year old mystery because Tia is accused of murdering fellow student Brett Johnson. Tia tells Logan about her involvement in “the Black Tea Experiments” and tells him that Brett was her brother. Logan believes her innocence and sets out to discover the truth- a journey which leads him to the former USSR and back again to uncover the truth. The book is laced with bits of science fiction, though not so much that it would turn off the non sci-fi reader. If you love to read, but don’t have a ton of time to read something good, I highly recommend getting a copy of “The Black Tea Experiments”. I’d rated it PG-13 for some language and minor adult situations, but all in all a good book for most ages 13 + up.

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