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Thursday, July 26, 2007

JK's Today Show Interview (Part 1)_

The Today Show aired the first part of Meredith Veira's interview with Harry Potter author JK Rowling this morning. I'll chalk it up to being REALLY overtired, but the interview made me sniffle a bit- I've written things before that've made me cry, but certainly not thousands of pages worth. I can't imagine what is was like for her to finish. I won't do a recap here just yet, because it will definitely give away the ending. Rowling answers at least one question that's be burning in my mind since completing the book, and I'm hoping to hear a bit more in the subsequent interviews airing tomorrow, and then on Dateline Sunday. But after Friday, I'm going to start discussing the book, so readers be warned :) But all posts with spoilers will be labeled as such.

If you have finished the book, check out the interview here: Today Show Interviews JK Rowling

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