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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Take the Poll:

After reading some NY Times op-ed pieces from Damon Lindenhof, Meg Cabot and others, I find myself torn. Of course, I want Harry to be "The Boy Who Lived" (which, incidently should be the title of the final chapter in which we see Harry, 10 years later, as the Defense Against the Dark Arts Prof, or, because Snape sacrificed himself to save Harry, Harry becomes the new Potions Master as an homage- these are both, of course, the only two endings I will accept at this point). But my husband then threw at me this morning this ending: Harry sacrifices himself for those he loves and in the process saves Snape (who he realizes is really repentant and was someone worth trusting as Dumbledore has said all along) who in turn becomes the next Headmaster at Hogwarts. Not that I want this to be the ending- for I think in the archetypcial "Heroes Journey" Snape needs to be the one who dies for there to be a true turn to good- but this ending makes scary sense. So what do you think? Will Harry be the boy who lives, or the boy who dies? Leave your comments, take the poll.

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