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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Eclipse: The Review

"Eclipse" is another great installment in the series that began with "Twilight" and continued with "New Moon" by author Stephanie Meyer.

That being said. I'm also kind of disappointed. While this book finishes up part of the story line, presumably, it still leaves the biggest question out there (which I thought was going to be answered)- will Bella become a vamp or not? UGH. I hate waiting- and I completely empathize with Bella- the sexual tension between her and Edward is driving me crazy, I don't know how she's stood it this long. It's far worse than anything Buffy and Angel had to suffer through, including that whole losing his soul thing. I really hoped there would be a definitive answer in this book as to what she was going to do. I wanted to see the choice not just made in theory. Can I put a shout out to Mrs. Meyer to please get the next book done like, tomorrow? Ok- I suppose I can wait until after the weekend.

This book takes place within a period of just a few weeks leading up to Bella's graduation and her decision to become a vampire. Edward wants to get married first, but Bella wants nothing to do with it. And, to make matters worse, Jacob is MIA in the first part of the book and when they finally are able to meet up again, he tells Bella of his feelings for her. Bella denies any at first, but as the reader, it's easy to see that her feeling for him are more than friendship. It's the first book/series where both romantic interests are really good guys, despite their obvious physical abnormalities, and part of me wants Bella to end up with Jacob. She can have a normal life. And I found myself wondering, along with Bella, just how much of her would change when she becomes a vampire. Would she lose the very thing that makes her as special as she is? It seems to me that part of the attraction for Edward is Bella's humanity- so will his feelings change when she does? It's the biggest decision she'll ever have to make and there's no going back.

Or is there? The Volturi, who do have a very small part in this, make me wonder. It seems they know waaay too much about what's going on, and know more about Bella than even she does. Maybe there's a vamp antidote, thereby allowing Edward to become human and live the rest of his natural life with Bella. That would be the best of both worlds. Some how, I doubt that's going to happen.

So, now I'll have to sit and wait, impatiently, for the fourth book, tentatively titled "Breaking Dawn." But I'll also be keeping an eye out for her book "The Host" which sounds quite interesting as well.

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