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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Gone With the Groom: Janice Thompson

A copy of "Gone With the Groom" by Christian author Janice Thompson was sent to me the other day to review here. It's the first book review I've done here at "The Ink Spot" and hopefully it won't be the last.

Mother-of-the-bride Annie Peterson, is thrilled about her daughter's upcoming nuptuals. They love her fiance Scott, but when the groom doesn't show up for work, doesn't call and doesn't answer his cell, his bride to be, Brandi, gets a little nervous. What's a mother to do? Well, when she's an amateur sleuth, she gets cracking on the case of the missing groom.

At first, Brandi thinks Scott might be playing a practical joke, as it wouldn't be the first time, but when a day turns into two, and then a week goes by, Annie knows that something is terribly wrong. Maybe Scott just has a case of the cold feet, or his still angry with Brandi about the fight they have the night he disappeared. It could be that Scott discovered something at his job that the higher ups want to keep hushed- it could be something to do with the strange real estate deal that agent Brandi is involved in. With help from Scott's parents, God, friends and family Annie prays that she'll be able to save the wedding day- a St. Valetine's day event that the whole town seems to be involved in (or at least Annie's entire church community).

The story isn't quite as dire as it sounds, and is filled with many moments of humor. The story is told from a Christian perspective which may not appeal to everyone, but the story and characters are great. I definitely recommend this as a great read.

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