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Friday, August 17, 2007

Witch Season: Jeff Mariotte

"Witch Season" is about 6 teens who get wrapped up in a centuries old battle between witches.

It begins one night when Kerry and her roommates return home from an evening out to discover a man, nearly unconscious and covered in blood, lying in there bushes. Kerry convinces her roommates to bring him inside and help him, even though they would rather call the police. But Kerry instinctively trusts him and his strange plea for no doctors or police, so they reluctantly let him inside. In the morning, he's remarkably better, albeit weak, and relates to them his gratitude and introduces himself as Daniel Blessing. Daniel leaves shortly and while Kerry is disappointed, it isn't long before she sees Daniel again, only this time she's nearly killed. It seems Daniel is witch who has been hunting another names Season, an evil woman who destroyed a town 300+ years ago, and he's been hunting her ever since (and even more since she killed his twin brother). Kerry and her friends don't believe Daniel at first, but when he demonstrates his magic, they have no choice. And after one of them is killed, they realize they have no choice but to help Daniel destroy her, or all of them could end up dead.

"Witch Season" is separated into four books, beginning with "Summer" and continuing with the other three seasons in order. I'll definitely recommend them as a great read, even though I haven't finished the last two- but I'm anxious to get them.

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