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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Strand Prophecy: J.B.B. Winner


"The Strand Prophecy" is a terrific first novel from Jeff, Brianna and Bethany Winner (a dad and his identical twin 12-year-old daughters). Strand is a superhero without superhuman powers. His power comes from his genius intellect and a unique computer connection that has allowed him to expand his mind's potential and access nearly any computer anywhere and command it.

After a car wreck kills his brother and sister-in-law and nearly kills his niece, Anna, Steve Cutter vows never again to ignore those that need his help. When he realizes that evolution is taking sudden jumps in humans and creatures all over the world, he creates the Strand persona and tries to warn first the president of the US, and then the world, as to what's going to happen and how humanity can protect itself. Of course, to most in power, they ignore Steve's scientific proof and hide the strange things happening around the world. But people soon realize that Strand's prophecies are true and what follows is a whirlwind of action and adventure as Steve, his niece, and a couple of other scientists with special talents of their own race to get the truth out to the world.

"The Strand Prophecy" reads like you're watching a movie. The pace is constant and exciting. The characters are engaging and interesting. The chapters are storter, which will help keep younger readers engaged, and it's peppered with fantastic sketches of the characters and creatures. It's a Benjamin Franklin Award winner and the first in a series of 5 novels, graphic novels and I wouldn't be surprised if there was a movie at some point. You can delve into the world of "The Strand Prophecy" at this web site or just go buy this book and find out how great it is for yourself.

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