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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Untamed: House of Night Book 4

Admittedly, I completely forgot this was coming out, so I was really excited to see it at Barnes and Noble this weekend. I know my review of book three wasn't as positive as the first two, and I'm happy to say that this is not the case with book four.

"Untamed" starts just a few days after the end of "Chosen". Zoey's friends are still angry with her, but that soon changes after Aphrodite has a horrible vision involving Zoey's death in two different scenarios- the first showing her being completely alone and frozen in fear. Zoey finally comes clean to her friends about what happened and why only she and Aphrodite were the only ones to know the truth (as Neferet can't read their minds). I was glad this was resolved early as I felt her friends were awfully quick to turn on her in the last book given all that they'd been through.

Things escalate pretty quickly in this novel. It's clear that Zoey's world is quickly changing, between the new red fledglings and Aphrodite now turned human, but still blessed (or cursed as she feels at times) by visions. However, without those visions, it's clear that Zoey and her friends would never survive their time at the House of Night. Very dark forces are at work, and this novel is a little scarier and definitely darker than the three proceeding it. Zoey must hurry to decode an ancient prophecy that could mean the end of the world, figure out how Neferet is making the red fledglings and protect those she cares about, including her Grandmother, who is gets a little bigger part in this book (and I hope a bigger part still in books to come).

I definitely recommend "Untamed" as a great read. The authors recommend this book for ages 16 and up for content matter and language.

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