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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"On the Way to the Wedding" by Julia Quinn

I picked up this charming book at our local drug store of all places. It is reminiscent of Jane Eyre's "Emma". In the early 1800s, Gregory meets Hermione and it is love at first sight--well, for him anyway. Hermione is in love with one of her father's employees, but Hermione's best friend Lucinda, knowing that it's an ill-fated match, vows to help Gregory make Hermione fall for him. The only problem? Lucinda falls in love with Gregory, but she is betrothed to another. Her uncle won't let her back out of the betrothal and Gregory, while it takes him a bit to come around, realizes Lucinda is really his true love. What's a man to do? Figure it all out on the way to the wedding. (whose wedding I won't say!)

The book is charming and fun to read. It is the conclusion to Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series (all about Gregory's family). I haven't read the others, but most likely will as I enjoyed this one so much. It's definite a great summer read!

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