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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Time and Again, by Nora Roberts

Time and Again is a combo book featuring Time Was and Times Change. The first book is about pilot-from-the-future Caleb Hornblower, who, through a freak accident nearly crash lands in 1990s Oregon (all the way from the 23rd century). There, he meets athropologist Liberty Stone (who, no irony intended here, looks to the past to learn about humanity). At first, Caleb doesn't quite remember who is or where he's from, but the memories do start to return, conflicting with his feelings for Liberty. When Caleb fully remembers where he's from, he knows he must return but will he be able to leave Liberty, the woman who might be his true love?

Unfortunately, if I tell you the plot of the next book, it'll give away the ending to the first book, but, if you know Nora at'll know 99.9% of her books have a happy ending. Anyway...Times Change is about Caleb's brother, Jacob and his encounter with Sunny Stone, Liberty's younger sister.

Both books are enjoyable reads, great for summer or anytime you require lighter reading.

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