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Monday, November 20, 2006

"Peeps": Scott Westerfeld

Scott Westerfield is a terrific writer. I recently finished "The Midnighters" series (which is on deck to be reviewed) as well as "Uglies", "Pretties" and "Specials." All of which were great. Westerfield is adept at taking a fantasy or science fiction element and making it seem like it could be real through his use of great, fleshed out characters and realistic settings. "Peeps" is no exception. The story is about Cal, who is a carrier for a parasite that makes it victims turn into Vampires, or Peeps (parasite=positives). Vampirism is scientifically explained, as are how we can to associate certain beliefs about those infected with the parasite. Like I said, Cal is a carrier, and so possesses a voracious appetite (for meat mostly), superhuman strength, night vision and a few other talents, but the disease doesn't make him crazy. The downside? Cal can't be intimate with any one, in any way because he'll spread the parasite (not even kissing is allowed). Cal comes to work for The Night Watch, a secret society that has been protecting humans from being infected and from learning about the parasitic disease. But, Cal soon finds out that not all is as it appears with the secret society, and that his new friend Lace and he might be in serious could be the rest of the world.

The only downside to this book? All the talk about real parasites, which are interjected in their own chapters (Cal's a parasite expert). It completely creeped me out, and I had to skip a lot of it. But, that aside, the book was really good, and definitely recommended as a great read!

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