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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"Being of Two Minds" by Pamela F. Service

Connie and Rudy have shared an unusual secret since they were babies.

Connie is an average young teen who lives in Illinois with her family. But every now and then she has a "spell". Sometimes they happen while she's sleeping and other times, she just simply collapses, and find herself (or her mind anyway) tagging along with Crown Prince Rudolph, who lives across the world in tiny Thulgaria. Occasionally the same thing happens to Rudy, who sometimes finds himself tagging along in Connie's mind. While they can't speak directly to her, over the years, they've worked out a communications system. If one poses a question, the other will answer it when the switch happens. They don't know why, but they do know they were born on exactly the same day at the exact same time, and theorize that has something to do with it.

Connie and Rudy don't tell anyone what really happens to them during their "spells" but they know they aren't crazy. Connie can speak perfect German (though she's never been taught) and knows everything there is to know about Thulgaria. She's thrilled when she learns that Rudy and his family will be coming to Chicago on a tour of the states (thanks to Rudy, who insists on seeing something of middle America) and the two are finally able to meet...only they realize that being in close proximity makes the spells worse. But they don't care.

All is well and good until Connie wakes up in Rudy's mind one night and realizes the prince is being kidnapped and taken somewhere by gunpoint. The only person she trusts is Rudy's tutor, Wolfgang, but she's never met him. Will she be able to convince Wolfgang that Rudy is in danger and that she might be able to help find him because of her special connection with him?

"Being of Two Minds"is a great book (albeit a little short...I wanted to know more about what happens to them) and an enjoyable read. Follow the link to get your copy over at

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