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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"A Crack in the Line" and "Small Eternities" by Michael Lawrence

"A Crack in the Line" and "Small Eternities" are two incredible (if not slightly confusing) books by Michael Lawrence. Both books are about Naia and Alaric, who live in alternate realities, and with an exception of their gender and names are the same person. They have the same parents, live in the same house and have nearly the same family tree. In his reality, Alaric lives with his father, his mother died in a terrible train wreck two years earlier. In Naia's reality, both her parents live. But one fateful day, Naia and Alaric meet and their lives are forever changed. Alaric and Naia slowly put together the pieces of their separate realities, learn how closely they exist and that theirs are not the only realities.

It's tough to say too much about these books without giving the plot away. Strangely, not a lot happens in each book because the points of view switch around and tells each characters story (and there are 4 main characters in in "Small Eternities") but each section moves quickly and engagingly. I definitely recommend these two books as great reads and can't wait for the chance to buy the third.

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