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Monday, November 26, 2007

Leven Thumps and the Eyes of the Want

First, I have to complain that I was unable to find this book locally- I don't know why. These books rock. I've had no problem finding previous books, but book three- no where to be found.

I think that "Eyes" is easily the best in the series so far. Thinking it was the last book, I was surprised (book 4?), happy (yay book 4!) and sad (crap, how long til book 4 comes out?) that the end of the book wasn't really the end, but almost a new beginning.

In "Eyes", the book starts off right where book 2 ended- so if you happen not to remember exactly how book 2 ended because you've read more than 100 books since then, I encourage you to read the last couple of chapters, just to refresh your memory. Otherwise, you might find yourself a little lost at first. As the action bounces between Leven, Winter and Geth, Sabine/Dennis and Tim, there's a lot going on. Winter and Geth are constantly in peril, Geth discovers he's shrinking and Winter, of course, is without her gifts. Leven is on his way to the Want, whom he discovers is rather crazy. And, it appears that the Want has a plan of his own, much different than anyone else knows about. And it has to do with Leven, and it isn't good (or is it??)

If you liked "Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo", and "The Whispered Secret" you'll love book three. It's definitely a great read. I can't wait for book 4 (no release date as of yet, but guessing probably next fall).

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