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Friday, December 14, 2007

The Legend of Holly Claus: Brittney Ryan

So, this is first for this here blog, but I'm actually going to recommend this book without having finished it. First, because it's that good so far (I'm about 1/2 way through) and second, it's a holiday book- and if it doesn't put you in the Christmas spirit, you may want to take another look at "A Christmas Carol."

"The Legend of Holly Claus" is the story of Nicholas Claus's (aka Santa) daughter, Holly, who, when she was born in the land of Immortals, an evil immortal named Herrikan cursed her with a heart made of ice. She grows into a caring, selfless young woman, but because her heart (and body) must remain cold or else it will melt and she will die. And, because of Herrikan's curse, all of the Immortals who live in Forever are trapped there until the curse is broken because of a law made by the elders. Holly, determined not to let those around her suffer any longer, finds a loophole that lets her escape on the northern lights (a once in a 500 year occurence) and makes her way to New York City in 1896 with her faithful wolf friend Tundra. There she hopes to earn her place as an Immortal (even though she is Immortal, she wishes to earn that right like the other mortals who were granted immortality because of the good things that they have done).

That's about where I am right now- and I'm loving this book. I'm reading it slowly (for me anyway) because I know that I'll be disappointed when it's done, and Holly's story is over. So, go on, go get your copy...hurry up!
PS- The illustrations in this book (and especially the cover) are beautiful, and the cover art is worthy of being framed!!
PPS- Just finished it, through many happy tears, and have to say this book is simply wonderful, and if you don't enjoy it, then may you be visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve.

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