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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Last Days: Scott Westerfield

Scott Westerfeld never fails to entertain. "The Last Days" is the sequel to "Peeps". Things are rapidy changing in New York City and all over the world. The main characters in this book don't exactly know what's happening, but they certainly know they are a part of it. Moz and Zahler, two guitarists, meet Pearl, a music genius who can play any instrument. She quickly becomes a part of their two man band, bring their music to a whole new level. But she knows the band is incomplete, as they still need a drummer and a singer. Zahler and Moz take care of the drummer, Alana Ray, who sometimes sees things when they play. The singer Pearl says she can handle- she hopes. Minerva has changed over the past several months, and although Pearl doesn't know what to call it, Minerva is a Peep ("parasite-positive") who has been self-medicating with the help of an esoterica named Luz (some sort of Mexican medicine woman). Minerva's strange, gutteral lyrics cause a paranormal experience that they don't know how to handle, they just know it'll make them big. Only, it's going to do much more than that.

My only complaint about "Days" is that the two main characters from "Peeps", Cal and Lacey, play very little parts. But they do make an appearance, and play important roles in finishing the explanantion that started in "Peeps". But "Days" is a great read that you are sure to enjoy if you liked the first. I recommend starting with "Peeps" so you have all the background information (the scientific explanations are in "Peeps"), but I think you could reads "Days" as a stand-alone and not be too confused. Buy this book shop at our "Great Reads" bookstore.

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