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Sunday, March 09, 2008

"Wicked" by Nancy Holder and Debbie Vigule

The "Wicked" series by Nancy Holder and Debbie Vigule is a generational saga of two magical families who, because of greed and ambition, have been at war for hundreds of years. The Deveraux are Warlocks whose power comes from the "Horned One", and the Cahors are Witches who worshipped the goddess Hecate. While the Deveraux are quite evil, the Cahors are not as innocent as they seem, but in this current generation, they are the side of good.

The battle has come to young Holly, who was left an orphan after her parents were killed in a river rafting accident. She ends up having to live with an aunt she never knew about, and her twin cousins Amanda and Nicole. Nicole is the typical beauty queen/popular girl and Amanda tends to run in outer circles. It is Amanda who first reaches out to Holly and introduces her to her friends.

Not long after moving to her new home, Holly meets Jeraud Deveraux and has a vision. While at first confusing, she eventually begins to believe that they have some sort of connection. As it turns out she and Jer are the reincarnations of Isabelle Cahor and Jean Deveraux, who married over 400 years ago and through a misunderstanding and tragedy came to believe the other was responsible for things they were not. Not only are the two souls consumed by a love stronger than death that took them both by surprise during life, they are also consumed by a hatred that will not let their souls rest in death.

The "Wicked" series follows Holly, Amanda and Nicole's discovery of their powers and their struggle to stay alive and defeat Michael Deveraux (Jer's father) and the Supreme Coven, who are bent on destroying any of the Cahors that have survived over the years. Holly struggles with her love for Jer, the ghost that wants him dead (and alive) and the terrible prices she pays for the power she's been born with.

I enjoyed the series a great deal, but had a lot of problems with the ending. It was terribly anti-clamatic (I was expecting a big power showdown based on previous events in the books, and didn't get it) and it was a cliff hanger at that. These books were originally published in 2003, and 5 years later there's still no new book. I've read there were/are problems with the publisher, but I'm wondering if the authors didn't get backed into a corner and weren't really sure what to do next (I hope I'm wrong!!). The ending of the fourth book really opened up the beginning of a whole new series, and didn't resolve all the story lines liked I'd hoped (I'm a romantic and like my happy endings). As of July 2007, there was a "Look out" notice on Nancy Holder's website about upcoming info for the next book, but as it's now March 2008, I'm not holding my breath. But, you never know. Perhaps if sales increase with these new editions, we'll see the next books released sooner.

So, if you see these books in Barnes and Noble (where you can pick up 2-in-1 editions), I encourage you to get them- they are really great reads, BUT be warned as there is no conclusion- or at least one you'll probably be happy with.

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