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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chosen: House of Night book 3, PC and Kristin Cast

I happened upon this gem by complete chance in B & N yesterday and read it in about two hours. It's not my favorite of the three, but it's still a really great read. Mostly I think this comes because I start getting impatient when series go on past three books and not a lot has been accomplished in terms of finishing the plot (this is also the problem I have with the "Twilight"series- I just want to know how it freakin' ends!). I can easily see there being many MORE books about Zoey and her friends, but I really want this particular storyline with Neferet to end. I want her to get her come uppance, and get her a$$ kicked by Zoey and her friends. But again, I'm impatient. The book is really well written, and I've enjoyed the growth in the characters- especially Aprhodite, whose role in this book is definitely kicked up.

The crux of the plot is this: Zoey is intent on helping Stevie Ray reclaim her humanity, but doesn't know how, so spends some time trying to do research. Her relationship with Erik is a little rocky as he feels he's being ignored, but mostly Zoey's just too busy and stressed to deal. Plus, there is poor imprinted Heath who is missing from most of the book because he's on vacation with his parents, and Zoey's still dealing with her attraction for Loren. Most of the book is really about Zoey as even her friends take a bit of a back seat. But Zoey's dealing with a lot that she can't discuss with her friends for fear Neferet will read their minds and as it turns out Aphrodite is the only one she can talk to (apparently Neferet can't read her mind either).

The ending holds some great surprises and I can't wait to see what happens next. Part of me hopes that the next is the end of for the story line for Neferet, as I'd love to see new adventures of Zoey and her friends. For those who this may be of concerned, there is an increase of language toward the end of the book, as well as some sexual situations, that easily make this a PG-13/rated R (yes, the MPAA probably would rate this R if it were a movie, but as it's a book and gory details are left to the imagination, I lean towards PG-13).

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