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Friday, June 27, 2008

Pendragon 9: Raven Rise

(Book 10 release date below)

PHEW! In this penultimate book in the Pendragon series, things are really starting to move along. The pacing of this book is brisk- more so than any of the others. For those expecting a lot of answers about Travellers and who or what they really are, you won't find them in this book, unfortunately. In fact, it ends with a huge, massive cliffhanger that will leaving you either going "HOLY CRAP, that was awesome" or throwing your book in frustration. I hope it's the first, because it's really a terrific ending and I can't believe we'll probably have to wait another stinkin' year for the next book.

Anyhow- the end of Bobby's struggle with Saint Dane is almost over. In fact, Bobby thinks he's stopped him by trapping both of them on Ibara by burying the Flume underground (remember, if you will, that he exploded the area around the Flume with Tak, and the other Flume is buried in Veelox City). Bobby is loving life on the island. Even though there is much work to do, he has become a respected citizen and is enjoying the respite from all of the fighting of the past five years.

But, back on First Earth, Mark and Courtney are seemingly trapped there, struggling to prevent Mark's technology from changing the course of human history. Their fight is far from over, and they're worried about Bobby as when they try to use the traveller's ring to contact him, nothing happens. It becomes quickly apparent that they will be unable to stop the Forge technology from being "created" in the past, leaving them unsure what to do next.

I don't want to give too much away of the plot, but needless to say, Saint Dane discovers a way off Ibara, Bobby discovers not every one is who they appear to be, and Mark and Courtney find themselves playing even bigger parts in the fight for Halla. There are also some very interesting connections between the territories to watch out for.

I've read some reviews over at Amazon who think this book was a waste (a filler book), or that not much happened. I look at it in the same way as I did Harry Potter book six. It is a lot of set-up for the final novel, but necessary as we need to see how exactly Saint Dane thinks he's going to bring all of Halla down and rebuild it in the way he sees fit. I don't think this could have been the final novel. There were may be somethings that could have been edited down, but I found the novel to be pretty tightly written.

Enjoy "Raven Rise" and read it slowly. I read on the Pendragon forum, in a message from DJ MacHale that the last book is scheduled for release next May right now (I think it said the 5th, but it's likely to change). There are also three books coming out sometime soon that highlights stories of the other travellers we've met, including those who've gone down fighting. From DJ MacHale: "The first book will be about Kasha, Gunny and Spader. Followed by Alder, Elli and Aja. We then finish up with Patrick, Siry and Loor."

So off you go- read, enjoy- come back and leave your review for others.

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