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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Book Release Updates

So, as we're down to less than a month before Meyer's "Breaking Dawn" comes out (leave your comments below about how you think this one is going to end...happily ever after, sad and depressing?), I've noticed some updates to release dates.

"Superior Saturday" was released to Barnes and Noble on the 1st of July, but for some reason isn't available until August 1st on

"Inkdeath" by Cornelia Funke comes out Oct 7th (the movie "Inkheart" is due in theaters January 2009).

"Brisingr" by Christopher Paolini comes out September 20th.

Fans of the "Land of Elyon" series by Patrick Carman can get "Stargazer" on Sept 1st, and "House of Atherton: Rivers of Fire" came out May 1st.

"Leven Thumps: The Wrath of Ezra" is set to come out Sept. 30th.

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Patrick said...

Obert Skye put out a video talking about FOO and LT4: