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Sunday, September 14, 2008

News From Wonderland (Frank Beddor's Version, That is)

I received this e-mail and image from the LGW (Looking Glass Wars) Librarian and thought I would share:


The Institute’s Colonel Barlow has recently returned from an
excavation site in the English county of Wiltshire approximately 3.2
kilometers west of Amesbury and 13 kilometers north of Salisbury with
a major find. Pagan revelers discovered the site containing a cache
of art and artifacts during the past Summer Solstice. An art
historian trained in Frank Beddor’s Wonderland revelations that
recognized a water-damaged portrait as having originated during the
highly evolved Translucent Age of Queen Genevieve and King Nolan
contacted us.

Now, after several months of painstaking restoration, we present for
your visual edification Queen Genevieve, King Nolan and the young
Princesses, Rose Redd and Genevieve as the family they were prior to
the matricide and civil war that would eventually lead to the Looking
Glass Wars.

The discovery of this portrait comes at a critical juncture in Volume
2 of the parallel adventure of Royal Bodyguard Hatter Madigan whose
early history included a rescue of the Heart Princesses from a failed
power play concocted by the Queen of Diamonds.

It seems that moment-by-moment, the pieces of the puzzle continue to
accumulate leading us on to even greater Wonderland revelations.
Restoration is continuing on the three other paintings also
discovered at this excavation site and each will be forwarded as soon
as possible to be added to your Revelation Gallery.

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