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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Superior Saturday: Garth Nix

In this sixth installment, Arthur must race against time and magic when he enters Saturday's domain to find the next piece of the will and get the sixth key. His home his three magicked minutes away from being nuked (Arthur casts a spell to slow down time), he's still transforming into something other than human, and Saturday is planning to wage a war against Sunday and gain entrance to the Incomparable Gardens.

Arthur's impending transformation to a Denizen (or something else) is becoming increasingly obvious in this next book. He often reacts initially in anger and frustration and physically is transforming as well. Even though he stops checking his ring, I can't imagine he's really got any humanity left by the end of the book.

I didn't find this book quite as good as its five predecessors, as there's no big fight scene and it ends on quite the cliffhanger. But I do look forward to the last installment. This could partly be because I'm still trying to catch up on sleep and this book took me a long time to finish because of the newest "reader" in our family.

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