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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twilight the Movie review

I'm a huge, huge fan of this series (I even liked book four- well most of it anyway). My sister and my sister-in-law are huge fans (thanks to me). Both of them were disappointed ("sucked big time" according to my sister), but I found it to be what I was expecting. I knew that a movie could not possibly capture the angst and emotion that a first-person novel could, but they do a good job. The actors play their parts well (except for Stewart who I think sounds a bit strange when she gets upset and starts yelling) and Robert Pattinson definitely works as Edward. None of the vampires as stunningly beautiful as I imagined them to be, but as vampires don't exist, I certainly wasn't unhappy with the choices the casting director made. I would've like to have seen more of the Cullen family though. I scanned through an online copy of the script (I don't know that it was legit, but it was certainly written convincingly), and there were some very small scenes taken out that I think would have been better off left in. Hey, Catherine Hardwicke- next time will you hire me to do a final viewing/editing of the movie? Or better yet, whatever little scenes you don't think you need- leave them IN. We'll love you more for it.

The only complaint I have about this film is the score. I really really didn't like it and found it distracting. It does evoke the rainy mood of Forks and Bella's new world, but something about it bugged me. And to me, music is a huge part of what makes a movie. It sounded a little Lifetime movie-ish. Please do not use this music in the next film.

I'm sure they'll make more movies, particularly with a $70 opening weekend, but I do hope they skip some of the unnecessary storylines and get to the good stuff. I'd love for them to combine the middle two books and then do the last one. Even though Kristen Stewart is only 18, I can see her being able to pull off the pregnancy and gut-wrenching scenes in "Breaking Dawn."

So, my review is a positive one, but don't expect it to be as awesome as the book. Not possible. But it's a good movie and entertaining nonetheless. There's also a trailer for "Half-Blood Prince"- totally gave me goosebumps. It looks like an incredible film.

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