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Monday, March 16, 2009

Hunted: House of Night Book 5, PC and Kristin Cast

In the fifth installment of the House of Night series, Zoey, her friends and the new red fledlings are holed up underground trying to figure out what to do next. Kalona, a fallen angel who'd been inprisoned for thousands of years by Cherokee women, has risen and taken up residence at the House of Night. Neferet is right beside him, and Zoey and her crew have never been in more danger. Zoey is still unsure how much she can trust Stevie Rae's red fledglings, and they discover that one of them is writing prophetic poetry. A deadly twist in events brings Zoey and her circle back to the House where they uncover more of Kalona and Neferet's plot to change the world of Vampyres and humans. And, throughout it all, Zoey must sort through (or completely muck up in this case) her feelings for Eric, Heath and Stark. While I understand she's young, I'm sort of tired of the "Ah, I can't decide" storyline. Zoey's story is far from over, but still, I'd like to see this aspect of it resolved, even if it's just for a short time, like a book or two. The girl needs some stability.

But the book is great and there are some plot elements that get resolved for now and leaves plenty of room for book six, as of right titled "Tempted." It's fast paced and a really good addition to the series. Of all the boyfriends, I actually like Heath the most, so I hope he sticks around, though I know he will (if you have yet to read, you'll see what I mean).

Some other complaint/observations: The book is in hardcover. I'm not sure why this is in this economy and because the other ones weren't. I really don't feel that young adult books should be published in hardcover, I think it's only going to hurt the industry. But that's just my .02.

And, I believe there's a really strange typo toward the end. Sister Mary Angela refers to Zoey's grandmother as Stevie Rae's.

So, if you've finished this latest installment, be sure to leave your reviews below.

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1 comment:

kendra said...

i found this book to be very good, but a litttle bit predictible. i know zoey too well. lol.
the ending wasnt as great as i had hoped. it just kinda stopped. but i cant wait for the next one! tempted :)