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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Prophet of Yonwood

I want to start off by saying I loved The City of Ember and People of Sparks (though that held a little less magic than the first), but this book was just "eh".It centers around 11 year old Nickie who comes to Yonwood with her aunt who is preparing to sell their Grandfather's home, Greenhaven. Nickie hopes Yonwood will be a good place to escape the building terror in the world around them- a world that is on the brink of war. But what Nickie finds is a town that's overshadowed by fear and is listening to the ramblings of a woman named Althea Tower, whom the residents call the prophet. After a vision of fiery doom, the town began listening to her and taking everything they think she says seriously in hopes of avoiding her vision. But it's clear that those interpreting the visions have their own agenda. And, although Yonwood is trouble-free and peaceful on the surface, the people there are just as terrified and feed into a scary mob mentality where the Prophet is concerned.

The relationship to city of Ember is slight and could really be a standalone novel. I found it slow moving and while thematically it was a good story, I didn't really connect with the it or the characters and nothing terribly exciting happens. It's almost more of a drawn out fable. SPOILER: I also found the ending a little disturbing- Nickie eventually becomes one of Ember's first settlers, but leaves behind her (grown) children and family?

I haven't read the final book of the series yet, The Diamond of Darkhold, but from reading descriptions, it does tie in some what to this book. I do highly recommend reading the City of Ember and People of Sparks, both really great, imaginative novels.

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