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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

ArchEnemy- Book Three- The Looking Glass Wars

"Action shall be taken to ensure the safety of the Heart Crystal. For Everqueen."

"ArchEnemy" begins with WILMA having depleted the Heart Crystal, rendering the denizens of Wonderland without Imagination, which also then affects our world as well. Determined to find out what happened, Alyss, in disguise, Dodge and a few others leave the castle. In Alyss' absence King Arch moves his forces into the palace and assumes command, taking the Heart Crystal into possession and sneaking it from the Castle to hide it someplace he hopes it will not be found. Not only must Alyss deal with Arch, but Redd and the ever enigmatic Caterpillar's who are working with an agenda of their own- one that involves the mysterious Everqueen.

Desperation leads Alyss to Earth, as well into an uneasy alliance with Redd, who's dealing with her own issues with Arch (hell hath no fury like that woman scorned). While this series about Wonderland comes to a satisfying close, I don't think it's the last story we'll hear about the magical place. Something tells me there are many stories in Wonderland's past yet to be told.

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Anonymous said...

I have book two of this series. It just looked interesting and caught my eye. I'm going to have to look for the other two to get started on it.