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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Tempted- Book Six of the House of Night

I've started to have a love-hate relationship with this series, but I found myself really liking this latest installment of the House of Night series. Zoey begins to learn even more about Kalona and his relationship to Nyx and about her own past life in relationship to him. Stevie Rae is still hiding secrets from Zoey, and in this book, her secrets grow as she brings home a wounded Ravenmocker who, while "evil" appears to her more human than not and may be more just a product of his upbringing and parentage (he's Kalona's first and favorite son). Zoey finally ditches the overbearing and controlling Eric and while still balancing her relationships with Stark and Heath, these two come to some what of an understanding as both would do anything to protect her and she legitimately needs both of them in her life.

Tempted is different from the first five in that the book is no longer just from Zoey's perspective, but bounces around to Stevie Rae and the hurt Ravenmocker (I'm VERY interested to see where this will lead). There are several reviews on Amazon saying that they hated this about the book, but I found it a refreshing change of pace. Being constantly in Zoey's head, with the same repeating thoughts about Stark, Heath and Eric were getting to be a little much.

The ending is perhaps the biggest cliffhanger in this series to date and I'll be anxiously waiting for next in the series, Burned, which is due out in April 2010.

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Bethany Wiggins said...

Thank you! I love reading reviews.

Larissa said...

I felt the same way! and I agree, I liked the change of pace... the cliffhanger was wow! LOL

great review! =)

cj'alhafiz said...

is that all the books from the series is single worded title? tempted..n then burned... I think its unique...=)

Emma Michaels said...

I want to read this one so badly but I know I should read the rest of the series first and it isn't in the library for me yet. Great review!

tweezle said...

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Tahereh said...

yea i think i feel the same way..


thanks for the review! great blog :d

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

I loved this book! Brilliant review!

Brittany said...

I liked Tempted and I agree with your review! Loved your review! :)
and by the way, I am giving you the One Lovely Blog Award! Congratulations! ( :