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Friday, July 16, 2010

Six Months in Review

Wow- I didn't realize the other day that it's been umm...since last December...that I posted a review (blame it on my day job). So, as I'll never catch up with everything I've read since then, I'm going to do some shorter reviews with a love it or leave it.

The Fablehaven Series by Brandon Mull. Brief summary: Siblings Kendra and Seth discover their grandparents are the caretakers of one of several magic "reserves" where fantasical creatures are able to live safely, yet shielded from the outside world. Of course, it's not all fun and games and someone, or somethings are set on freeing the creatures into the world, which would have devastating consequences for everyone. Absolutely LOVE IT. I flew through them, my husband is reading them and the nine-year old is reading them as well. They're smart, funny, serious when needed, are great about teaching consequences for our actions. I highly recommend this series.

The Immortals by Allyson Noel. After almost dying in car accident that claimed the lives of her parents and younger sister, Ever discovers her new boyfriend is immortal, has amazing powers and she now has the choice to become like him. I both love and leave this series. The concept is unique, but the main character often makes stupid choices, doesn't ever consult her boyfriend, which consequently bites her on the butt. In the most recent installment, Dark Flame, Ever finally starts to wise up a bit, so I'll stick with the series for now, but I do hope that it's going somewhere. Right now, I have no idea what the crux of the series is.

Vampire Academy. LOVE it. I'm sure most of my followers have read these- but if not, I highly recommend this series by Richelle Mead. Love, betrayal, cool powers, vampires...what's not to love?

I'll be back with more reviews soon!

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